Grooming Cream




A medium hold styling cream.

What It Does

Delivers incredible frizz control with a medium hold and low shine. Lightweight, water soluble formula makes it easy to wash from hands and hair and won’t clog follicles. The Eufora exclusive ProAmino Peptide Complex provides wear-in treatment benefits.

Key Ingredients

  • Vegetable Protein provides strength to the hair shaft
  • Aloe Vera provides important nutrients, essential amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for optimum skin health
  • Licorice Root Extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits and reduces itching and flaking
  • 5-Alpha Avocuta, derived from Avocado Pear, controls sebum production that can lead to a greasy appearance, redness and itching
  • Coenzyme Q10 provides powerful antioxidant protection against harmful free-radicals and environmental factor
  • Neem Seed Oil provides antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to help clear the scalp of imperfections while acting as a vasodilator for stimulation
  • Biotinoyl Tiptide-1, Apigenin & Oleonolic Acid
    • Increases scalp circulation to stimulate cell metabolism, slowing follicle aging and early hair loss
    • Strengthens and protects the hair follicle
    • Stimulates a thicker root sheath to enhance optimum anchoring of each hair strand to the scalp
    • Helps inhibit 5-alpha reductase

PH Balanced

The skin’s protective barrier, known as the “acid mantle” has a natural pH balance of 4.5-6. There is a significant link between high alkaline pH and skin irritations. Therefore, selecting products that preserve the acid mantle is of prime importance.


Work through dry or damp hair and style as desired.


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